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Welcome to the
Anahat Teachings

Video, Audio and PDF lessons are available here.

Welcome to and the home of The Anahat Teachings, as found in the books by Matthew J. Brownstein entitled The Sacred Geometry of Meditation and The Anahat Meditation System.  This site is devoted to serious spiritual seekers who may feel a strong calling towards a true path of enlightenment and yet who cannot live in a monastic setting.  Anyone can benefit from these teachings from beginners, to lay practitioners, and to true monastics regardless of where they live.

The Anahat Meditation System consists of twelve core meditations and four levels of practice.  Anyone can begin and can start to receive benefits right away, yet those who are serious about learning the system and who wish to get the most benefit out of it will take a minimum of four months to study and practice, yet two years is recommended to fully experience all that this can do for you.

As an Online Monastery we are here to support any sincere spiritual seeker on his or her path.  We invite you to explore this website for many invaluable resources for those who are truly serious about self-realization regardless of the path that they walk.

Please explore the About Page to learn more about Matthew J. Brownstein and the origins and journey of The Anahat Meditation System and Anahat Meditation Center.

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Mission and Purpose


Anahat is a Sanskrit word for the energy center (chakra) of the heart.  Anahat Center is a place of the heart based on universal truths that speak to the essential spiritual needs of the human race.  The center of our being lies in our heart.  The Anahat Teachings are a way to bring awareness to that which we already are - to that lying hidden within each of us.  In unity, love and service, these teachings are not a new religion or philosophy, yet are rather an infusion of the Divine Presence in every aspect of our lives.  Anahat, the energy of the heart, is rooted in love. Only love.


The aim and sole purpose of Anahat Center is to infuse the world with the Divine Presence in unity, love and service.  In unity we are united with all that is, in love we love all that is as our very own self, and in service we dedicate our lives to the relief of suffering.  The mission of Anahat is to integrate universal truths in a way that anyone can accept without religion, dogma or over-intellectualized philosophy.


Direct experience is the only way to know Truth.  Words can only guide a seeker to the goal of their path.  Without attachment to concepts, we see through their limitations and touch the living reality that lies beyond them.  To discover the truth of one’s own being and to live from that center is all that we are here to do. To know ourselves as the Divine and then to go out and serve ourselves as the Divine is the aim of our work.


The mission of Anahat Center is to bring health, wealth and enlightenment to individuals and groups by unifying local and national organizations into a whole that is greater than individuals working alone.  With the highest integrity, Anahat Center works to relieve the suffering of all beings and to assist all beings in reaching their full potential.

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