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About The Anahat Teachings

On January 13, 1992 I had a profound spiritual awakening which changed my life forever.  I was in college at the time and I swiftly changed my major to Philosophy and Religion to try to figure out what had happened to me.  This began a lifetime of study and spiritual practice, while living in various monasteries, ashrams and spiritual communities, including the Himalayas of India.

In the Summer of 1996, while living in the woods and engaged in intense meditation at an ashram, a series of meditations were revealed to me which I did not invent myself.  Sacred geometrical glyphs appeared in my body as I watched energy move through these patterns in a systematic and awe-inspiring flow.  It was like a Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and/or Yoga flow yet everything was happening while seated in a lotus pose.  The changes I felt in my body, heart and mind were profound and the revelations came with their own name and a way of teaching this very elaborate meditation system.  The Anahat Teachings revealed themselves to me and how to teach them also came about.

In 1997, I opened Anahat Meditation Center in Massachusetts and did have students learn the system, yet I was too young to lead a community at the time.  Over the years I published books and audio recordings about The Anahat Meditation System and it has significantly consumed a great deal of my time because of the intense need to share these materials.  They move through me in an unstoppable way and I know I am here to disseminate this knowledge and wisdom while I am here on earth.  These teachings have shown themselves to be truly a part of my life's mission and that is why this website exists.

In 2006, I reopened Anahat Meditation Center in Gainesville, Florida and many students did learn how to meditate this way, yet because these teachings could not afford me a solid income I chose to focus on the healing side of things as I opened the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and eventually the International Association of Interpersonal HypnotherapistsThe success of these organizations has allowed me the opportunity to share The Anahat Teachings in a more significant way.

This website is an attempt to use the most modern technology to share this information with others through audio recordings of past Anahat Lessons done in about 2005, new videos which can be found on YouTube and posted on this site, PDF documents for the lessons themselves, Powerpoints and books published through Silent Light Publishers which are now available on Amazon.

The book The Sacred Geometry of Meditation is the formal text explaining the entire Anahat Meditation System with over 150 graphics, while the book The Anahat Meditation System (formerly known as The Journals of Myckal Divane) is a novel explaining the system in story form.

Deeper monastic principles can be found in the document entitled The Vision of Anahat - A Vision of Oneness.

For a more complete bio of Matthew J. Brownstein click here.

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