Certified Anahat Meditation TEachers

Anahat Meditation is an advanced practice that must be taught as it was revealed and therefore a teacher must meet certain requirements to become certified.  Those requirements are found in this video for Level Four Training.  To apply for certification, a student must have completed all training videos for Levels One to Four, must show the completed checklist (start date and date of proficiency) for all meditations, write an essay on each meditation for Levels One through Three, and have practiced diligently for at least one year.

Matthew J. Brownstein

Matthew is the founder of OnlineMonastery.com and The Anahat Meditation System.  He remains available to guide current students through the teachings. He can be reached through the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy at www.InstituteofHypnotherapy.com.

Matthew had lived in different spiritual communities in his early twenties, including The Temple of the Universe, Zen Mountain Monastery, and Kripalu Yoga Center, yet felt that something was missing regarding integrating deep spirituality and every day living.  While living in the forests outside of Kripalu, he meditated for 12 hours per day to find an answer to his questions.  During those deep meditations alone in the woods, certain sacred geometrical patterns began tracing their flow through his body and revealed a system that could be practiced by others to bring the balance and harmony that this inner process of teaching was showing him.

This website contains the majority of those teachings, yet interested students are also encouraged to read The Sacred Geometry of Meditation and The Anahat Meditation System.


Dr. Abby Parsons

Dr. Abby has been in the practice of spiritual, metaphysical healing since 1986, and is a grief counselor with experience working for Hospice. She has a Master’s Degree in multicultural/transnational literature from East Carolina University, and a Doctorate in Theology from Atlantic Coast Seminary. Her love of teaching led to a long-term adjunct English professor position at a college in South Florida, in addition to her spiritual work with a steady client base. Dr. Abby is an experienced public speaker on spirituality topics and has given many hundreds of lectures, workshops, and seminars over the years. She teaches and lectures on critical thinking, and helps students worldwide through internet classes. The Anahat Meditation System, with its mission to relieve suffering and bring enlightenment has intensified her spiritual work to an amazing degree. It is an honor to help bring these teachings to all who are receptive seekers who crave direct experience with the Source, divine Love, and desire to gain a better balance and joy in their daily lives.